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The Countdown

Just a few more weeks until the new disc, Then There’s Now, hits the streets and the new band hits the road. I just did a “test run” of the new lineup at Fat Fest in Minnesota . The show was great and I think the band is going to make some waves. The festival was very rainy, but was still a great time. We got to hang with our friends in Family Groove Company and they styled us out with some gear to use. That was especially cool of them because the stage was getting dumped on and I am pretty sure most everything got drenched. Festivals in the summer, gotta love it.

So this Midwest run is coming up soon and it’s going to be a blast. My band (KHB) is going out with a Colorado band called Euforquestra. If you have not seen them yet check them out. I am looking forward to a lot of great music and hopefully some collaboration. They will also be with us at my CD release party at the Fox Theatre, Saturday, September 19th. That is sure to be off the hook!

I am also excited about the first taste of the “Hoppingsworth IPA”. This is the brew I made with the Mountain Sun Brewery folks in Boulder. There is going to be a “tasting and listening party” at the Southern Sun on Monday, September 14th at 6pm . We will spin the disc, tap Hoppingsworth IPA for the first time, and we will have the new album available for sale one day before the national release. Come on out! I also made some cool pint glasses we can all drink from!

So there is a bunch of stuff happening soon. It is going to be a busy couple weeks. I hope to see you all out there. You can keep informed at my website


P.S. I made a short video of “brew day” at the Mountain Sun


7 responses to “The Countdown”

  1. I’m so very excited for your solo band show at the Red Fox in Eureka, CA… the co-bill with Zach Gill. That should be an amazingly fun evening. Anyway… I was just wondering who else is in that solo band?

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  3. ben wilson Avatar
    ben wilson

    hmmm hmmm cant wait to check it out at vine street. beer from my favorite brewery and from my favorite alien 🙂

  4. Charlie Avatar

    Your lil’ girl is SUPER CUTE, Kyle! Congrats, dad, & damn, I wish my dad was in the Cheese! Is this beer going to be available for mail order to California? IPA’s are my favorite- I can’t wait to try it!!
    Nice video, btw. I was wondering if they were going to have you help clean & sanitize, which all brewers know is the key to making beer, not just a photo-op of you dumping hops into a vat! I would love it if you went balls out & made a Double IPA! If its as good as I hope, I’ll have a new favorite beverage…

  5. gdphishfan Avatar

    thank you sooooo much for moving to the tent and playing that show at fat fest!!!! made my weekend

  6. Kyle! I was with the folks urging you to move to the Tent Stage at Fat Fest! i was so excited to see you in MN [long time fan of Cheese] and i absolutely fell in love with every song on Never Odd or Even [listened to it every day for 4 months! till i lent it to a friend and haven’t heard it since… 🙁 boo hoo!]. I’m a musician and songwriter myself, and i’m vying to win the Grande Prize for Pre-ordering the next CD I’m sure to fall in love with! you are a HUGE influence on me as a master of the keys; I hope to become at LEAST half as much of a wizard as you are! anyway, i was very impressed by your new band! pass the word on to them, all my friends in Minnesota agree! We all hope you come back again soon! Much love~

  7. Oh, and i forgot to mention, your new CD releases on MY BIRTHDAY!!! i’m hosting a listening party/birthday party. Thanks for the best present EVER! [unless i win the prize that is, that would be sick!]

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