August 6, 2009

So Now What?

Well it has been a few weeks since Rothbury and our “Incident” for the year. It was pretty cool to be standing side stage doing the “pre show huddle” and looking out over the sea of excited fans. And when we walked out onto stage to the great big sound of appreciation it felt so good to be up there again. And yes I was a bit nervous I kinda scraped my way through the first tune just trying to keep my head in the game.

I thought the show went well. A few bonks here and there, in fact the power went out during “Little Hands” and it caught us off guard for a moment, but we recovered and raged on. Overall I was surprised how easily we all sank into the groove again after not being on stage together for two years.

So what happens next? I wish I knew. From my perspective I would love to go out and play some more shows. I cannot say for sure, but it did seem like the band felt the same way. But one thing I do know is that this “break” has been good for everyone. The band came back refreshed and ready to play together again. And although all of our scide projects have their own vibe and momentum, I do think there is something to be said about how the six of us play together as a band. There is something special that happens when we are all connected in the moment and in the music.

I hope to keep it going!