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Well it is kinda crazy, you do all this hype for months and then the day comes and you gotta live it. No more talking about it just doing it.

ok…I am ready. The band is happening and the sound is solid so we are going to hit the road and see what happens. I have been practicing with them for a couple of days now. It is wild how rehearsal is always a negotiation between vision and practicality. What can I do in this short session to make the band shine and how do I focus on our strengths? Luckily I have a talented crew and I’m psyched to have them on board.

Ok ok…so the important stuff – this week we are headed out on tour again and we will:

A: play rocking shows and give the Wisconsin cheese heads something to talk about

B: drink good beer with “Goose Island” in Chicago

C: navigate the Illinois highway toll system and not receive a $100 fine like last time

D: come home to Boulder to a “Hoppingsworth IPA” tasting party at Southern Sun

E: have a great time with Jeff Austin at Mishawaka

F: and end the week with a blow out CD Release Party at the Fox Theatre

G: Sleep for 2 weeks

Sounds good to me!!

Stay tuned to my Facebook Page for updates from the road and behind-the-scenes footage with my handy digi cam:

See you soon.


6 responses to “Takeoff”

  1. Im sure the bands great but Im just excited to see Kyle be Kyle! Bring your hoops to the madison show! hoop party outside!

  2. The those two videos were the bomb. Now I got to get my home studio all wired up . I got a Rhodes (wooden keys) too. Am i to late to win the write with Kyle contest.? Loved the last CD to.

  3. I did everything in my power to make it out to Chicago this weekend, but for some reason the universe (and training for the NYC Marathon) worked against me. Dang! Love the new CD!

  4. thedenverb Avatar

    hey Kyle, I just dropped a post about this night 8 years ago and the show you did with Mike Clark in Austin. check it out:

  5. Hey Kyle…the new album sounds great. Nice work. I wish I could make it to the Mountain Spun for some of your freshest recipes. Head to the high country later this fall and share the funk in Aspen. Also, what is that song you played at Yarmony last summer (’08), “One of these days, when you figure, figure it all out…..I’ll be waiting, right here… what it is I want to know?” I love that cut. Too bad it didn’t get on the album… maybe a B-sides release! Thanks for your hard work and dedication to the music. It shines through in your sound.

  6. Any chance I could purchase some of the Hoppingsworth IPA beer glasses you are speaking about?

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