September 18, 2009

On Our Way Back Home

Sitting in a hotel in Salem, MO, waiting for van to come pick us up for Camp Zoe…

It has been a hectic couple of weeks. We started out in Madison, WI, with our friends, Euforquestra, and played through the weekend in the Midwest. What a great vibe out there.  I was able to play some great music and drink some good beers with Bent River and Goose Island. I was impressed with most everything they showcased and there were some awesome IPAs to be had. Check them out!

I came home and tapped “Hoppingsworth IPA” for the first time and was very psyched with the result. It came out well and I think everyone had a good time. I may have actually had too much of a good time, as I do not really remember the last hour or so of the party. That beer is strong!!  I imagine it will go fast, so go get some before its gone. Many thanks to head brewer Hutch and the Mountain Sun for making it happen.

The new disc dropped on Tuesday and I hope those of you who have listened to it are enjoying the sound. I am readying for the big CD release party at the Fox on Saturday. Euforquestra is opening the show and they always bring great vibe to the room. Plus we end up doing some great music together at the end of my show. It is very over the top and with the combination of Hoppingsworth on tap and great sound, the show will be slamming.

And, of course, we are making our way up the Poudre Canyon on Friday to play some music with Jeff Austin at Mishawaka. What a fantastic location for a show and it is probably one of the last outside events up there this season. Looking forward to the seeing the moon rise over the stage.

Ahh here comes the van just on time…I will make it in seconds flat…