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Falling Out of Summer

It has been a crazy few months. From Red Rocks to forest fires, this summer has been full of wondrous and disastrous times. The season began with copious amounts of SCI rehearsals that lead to a great run of shows here in Colorado and the West Coast. Then I put on a brew fest and traveled the country playing with my solo band. We had a lot of fun hanging in the festival circuit. But then in late Summer, the foothills of Boulder got hit with the biggest fire in local history.

To that end, I am super psyched to be involved in the Fourmile Fire Revival show. The line up is killer and it will be the first time I have played with some of those folks. I have seen Phish many times, but never really met them. And, in fact, I played in a band that performed a tribute set to them at the last Jammy Awards. A bit awkward really, they sat side stage as we performed their music very marginally. Must have been weird for them as well. I am not sure how this whole show will go down, but I hope all the bands get some time to play together. I am looking forward to it!

On the beer front, I have been talking with a lot of great breweries about doing some more “Kyle brews.” Several of them have already shown some interest in crafting up new brews with me. I would love to do another brew fest next summer and perhaps a benefit this holiday season. Stay tuned… I also went to the Great American Beer Festival this last week, great times and awesome beers. Some of my favorites were Fat Head Brewery and Blind Tiger Brewery, their IPA’s were outstanding. I made a short video of my adventure, from karaoke to silent disco, I got a little crazy this year.

see ya,


2 responses to “Falling Out of Summer”

  1. More then a little amused by the Karaoke

  2. great looking Blog and funny ass video Kyle! Those Beers must be tasty! Great times, looking forward to seeing you this winter somewhere sunny, maybe socal;) Seeing FURTHER all weekend in your hood;)

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