November 3, 2010


Hampton Coliseum. The mothership, hell yeah. I had heard of this place for years, but I had never been there. It was incredible. Nice to be in a venue that has so much history. The shows were pretty rocking, a bit more edge than our usual “diverse“ String Cheese sets. We purposely mixed up the tunes a bit and tried not to put traditional tunes in the same old spots. For example: “Shine” to open second set or “Restless Wind“ to end the show. Although, by doing this, it did put some not-quite-as-strong songs in the hot seat for opening and closing the sets. But it came off pretty well. And really it just comes down to committing to the tunes and making them rock. Overall, I thought the shows were great. Plus “Jump” was awesome. Travis nailed it!

So I’m keeping super busy this Fall. Next week my solo project, KHB, is playing in the Midwest. We are touring with a band out of St. Louis called Messy Jiverson. They are making some waves in that area and I’m looking forward to hanging and jamming with those guys. There are a lot of good collaboration possibilities, so the shows are sure to be slammin’.

I am super psyched to announce my Hoppy Holidays run December 10-12. The three shows are here on the Front Range with my band and also feature DJ Logic and Liza. It is sure to go off, we did this same line up at YarmonyGrass Festival last Summer and it was one of my favorite sets of the Summer. And, of course, there is always awesome beer. In conjunction with Boulder Beer and Avery Brewing, I will be making special brews for this event. In fact, the Sunday show is a benefit for Conscious Alliance at Avery Brewery in their back barrel room in Boulder. Tickets will include a lot of great stuff as usual.

And, in my ever-changing need to try new things and challenge myself, I am doing a few unique shows this Fall as well. I am playing a children’s concert at the Yo Gabba Gabba show here in Broomfield this Sunday, November 7th. Also I will be touring with Bonerama and Steve Kimock on the East Coast for a few select dates.

Check the website for all the info:

Thanks y’all.