August 5, 2010

SCI: Rehearsal to Realization

WOW… um…so that was totally cool and very fun. After a few crazy months of rehearsing with the band, it finally came down to actually getting up there and doing it. It went pretty smoothly actually, of course, there were some bonks and miscommunications on stage, but that’s part of the live performance. It makes for a more “real” experience (whether good or bad).

We are so lucky to be able to play these amazing venues. Red Rocks Amphitheatre is one of the great stages in the country. Having grown up watching MTV, I always knew of that place from U2’s “Sunday Bloody Sunday” performance. You know, the one with the torches and the huge flag? But getting up there on that giant stage, looking out to those three hundred-foot monoliths, is an amazing thing. It does put some fear into you as you walk out in front of nine thousand people. And it did make us play, at times, a bit conservatively, but once you get the adrenalin going, you get pumped and you just get up there and go for it.

Horning’s, on the other hand, is a small event, tucked away in the woods of Oregon – a very low key, “family vibe” experience. SCI has been influenced by many of the festivals we have played over the years in the Northwest, namely Oregon Country Fair. To that end, we have made this event a more visceral and musical experience. With the grounds having tall moss-covered trees and rolling hills, it makes for a “Hobbit town” atmosphere, great for escaping the everyday life. I think this environment helped us explore a bit more on stage. I personally felt more relaxed and ready to sync with everyone.

Two very different stages, but I think SCI rocked both of them. I’m so psyched to be back grooving with them again. And we are just getting started.

I made a video of my last few months with SCI. From late April rehearsals to the final events. Check it out: