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SCI: Rehearsal to Realization

WOW… um…so that was totally cool and very fun. After a few crazy months of rehearsing with the band, it finally came down to actually getting up there and doing it. It went pretty smoothly actually, of course, there were some bonks and miscommunications on stage, but that’s part of the live performance. It makes for a more “real” experience (whether good or bad).

We are so lucky to be able to play these amazing venues. Red Rocks Amphitheatre is one of the great stages in the country. Having grown up watching MTV, I always knew of that place from U2’s “Sunday Bloody Sunday” performance. You know, the one with the torches and the huge flag? But getting up there on that giant stage, looking out to those three hundred-foot monoliths, is an amazing thing. It does put some fear into you as you walk out in front of nine thousand people. And it did make us play, at times, a bit conservatively, but once you get the adrenalin going, you get pumped and you just get up there and go for it.

Horning’s, on the other hand, is a small event, tucked away in the woods of Oregon – a very low key, “family vibe” experience. SCI has been influenced by many of the festivals we have played over the years in the Northwest, namely Oregon Country Fair. To that end, we have made this event a more visceral and musical experience. With the grounds having tall moss-covered trees and rolling hills, it makes for a “Hobbit town” atmosphere, great for escaping the everyday life. I think this environment helped us explore a bit more on stage. I personally felt more relaxed and ready to sync with everyone.

Two very different stages, but I think SCI rocked both of them. I’m so psyched to be back grooving with them again. And we are just getting started.

I made a video of my last few months with SCI. From late April rehearsals to the final events. Check it out:


24 responses to “SCI: Rehearsal to Realization”

  1. This is great! [thanks for sharing]


  3. Great to hear you guys again!! I can’t wait for Hulaween – hometown show for me! your new song “Way that it goes” is awesome!

    also – the “Howard” from HH is face-meltingly SICK! good job d00d!

  4. I really enjoyed seeing the Kyle Hollingsworth Band play on Thursday. Since you guys mostly only play in Colorado, I have long wanted to see you play but have never had the opportunity. I really, really enjoyed it. I hope you give some consideration to touring more widely sometime, I would be thrilled to go see your band play again.

    I just wanted to say also, I really really hope you and the rest of the band can find a way to get around your differences. The near-magical chemistry you all have on stage is really special, especially considering today’s music scene. Get a marriage counsellor maybe? Lol j/k, but I really do hope you guys can find a way to play more, you’ve given my wife and I some of the best moments of our lives.

  5. “Just getting started”….I like the sound of that.

    Red Rocks was killer – thanks so much – I am from Ft Collins and loved it.

    I missed my first Hornings ever this year – so sad – but have my fingers and toes crossed that we will be back there next summer. We watched it huge in the backyard at home – great stuff.

    I will be out at Hulaween to make up for it – looking forward to that. I am really hoping we are going to get a NEW YEARS announcement at that event – maybe Denver Convention Center or 1st Bank Center or Budweiser Event Center or something here at home……how sick would that be.

    Looking forward to the future – much love man – see you guys around.

    Music for Change

  6. Jamie Shetzer Avatar
    Jamie Shetzer


    Thanks for the blog. We saw the Red Rocks shows and are still speechless. We have been seeing the band since the early 90’s and you guys are better than ever!

    WooHoo Can’t wait for Hulaween.

    Keep up the jams!

  7. Hoopinman Avatar

    just getting started???? AWESOME!

    Just remember, there is a new Backyard in Austin,TX that’s just ITCHIN for some more Incidents!

  8. Thanks Kyle! I am so grateful to have been at HH this year with everyone! Best time of my life…and I LOVE the “just gettin started”…YESSSS!

  9. Christopher Kaiser Avatar
    Christopher Kaiser

    I want to live in the Shire! 😐

    The It Is What It Is on Sunday at Redrocks made me cry my little heart out.

  10. The RR—>Hornings run was epic! Thanks for the ride! I live in Boulder so I hope you play a special X-mas show again at the BT this year, and…I pray…Winter Carnival!! Cheers and Cheese, ~Evo

  11. Kyle–thanks for sharing your thoughts and video. I’d love to see more back-stage moments if you care share more! Cheers!

  12. Justin Torres Avatar
    Justin Torres

    What a great summer with my favorite band…you guys really did an amazing 3 nights in Oregon!! Those shows were up in the top favorites of all time…So ready for some Hulaween…Coast to Coast with the Cheese!!

  13. Thank you for coming to Horning’s – it’s a magical place and my very favorite. You guys were outstanding and we hope to have you back soon!

  14. Rasta Joe Avatar
    Rasta Joe

    WOW, thanks for the magical Incident at Horning’s. It truely did have a family vibe! Welcome home!!!

  15. I’ve been visiting Horning’s with my kids since before the stage was built, but this was the first show I ever saw there. Spectacular. It was an honor to be a part of the Saturday-night extravaganza, and it was an absolute delight to experience the whole amazing weekend festival!

  16. Thanks for the read!! Really enjoyed the honest recap through your eyes. You guys were amazing at Red Rocks and got to watch most of the Horning’s on iClips… a little bummed Eric Krasno didn’t come out for an epic jam (that night at the Beacon in 2007 was my first and only Incident previous to RR )… but hey, that’s the way that it goes ;). Can’t wait for Hulaween and beyond. Thank you playing again. You have the best fans, and in my opinion, the best sound of any band out there.

  17. please keep the magic & love in circulation- i know! how about new years please please….

  18. Very nice, hate I missed those shows. Can’t wait til hulaween!

  19. LOVE, LOVED Red Rocks ~ it was MAGIC and that James Brown Sex machine mixed in w/ Mrs. Browns was the SHIT!!! Bummed I missed Hornings, but NEXT YEAR!

    I have to concur w/ hoopin Dude, PLEASE, Backyard in Austin ~ why have you foresaken Austin when you used to visit us ALL the time. My pockets are getting empty~ would be so nice if you graced us w/ a show from time to time ~ we still love you in the music capital of the WORLD 🙂

  20. IraThePirate Avatar

    One of the things I like best about SCI is that the fans are made to feel equal to the performers. We are all part of one big family. I appreciate your sharing your perspective with us and being approachable by us. I wish you all the most fulfilling lives and I hope that manifests in many more performances as SCI which in the past has brought much magic to my life. Thank you.

  21. Kyle, I just wanted to let you know that “Sirens” at Red Rocks literally made me cry. I’m sure it was largely due to the fact that the serotonin was completely drained from my body, but I also know that EVERYONE was feelin’ the love and the energy in that place was amazing!! I want to seriously thank you guys for bringin’ it home. I think we all really needed this. My heart is no longer broken! See y’all in Virginia…wouldn’t miss it for the world!

  22. Joshua n Laura Avatar
    Joshua n Laura

    Yes, that “family vibe” you speak of is just a slice of the “cheese scene” that makes it all so special. One of the best gatherings of good people is what SCI draws. Lets all help all welcomed newer folks keep it mellow, safe and fun for all. We’ve enjoyed growing up and now having our very own family with your music in the background. Thank you. See you all soon, how about at the Tower in Philly! – J n L – still “perfectly toasted aged cheese” but singin’ a new song.

  23. Hey Kyle…it’s Molly from the photo lab. Just wanted to see if you need a photographer for the Pearl Street All Stars. I’ve been the past three years and i wold love to document it. The show always rocks and has so much energy! Btw…love reading your blog. You should check out mine See you around

  24. Great Scott! Haven’t seen SCI in a few years, but dang Bill Nershi looks old.

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