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Beautiful Dog, Beautiful World

Hello friends,

It is with a heavy heart that I am writing to you all. After much consideration, I have decided to abandon my life as a musician and start anew as a dog groomer. It has been a very difficult decision for me and I hope everyone can understand and respect my choice. I love music, and it will always be an important part of my life, but right now I feel that I must follow my lifelong passion. I want to dedicate my life to making man’s best friend more beautiful. It will be in that beauty that I can contribute love to the world.

I want to thank everyone for all your support over the years and I hope to see you out there again. If not on stage, then perhaps with your pooch at the shop.

Love to you all,
Kyle M. Hollingsworth


4 responses to “Beautiful Dog, Beautiful World”

  1. John H Avatar
    John H

    Does Zeke get a 1/2 price deal?

  2. nice April Fools!

  3. You are a silly, silly fellow.

  4. this isn’t really funny!!!

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