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One of Everyone

Wow. What a great time this past weekend. I had the pleasure of being part of the Everyone Orchestra. I have done similar gigs in the past with Colonel Bruce Hampton and Zambieland, but this time around it seemed a bit more focused. Matt Butler did a great job driving the ship through the murky sonic seas. Trying to direct so many musicians from different backgrounds into a cohesive sound must be difficult. And, yes, at times it was a bit chaotic, but overall it felt like a good dance party. If you have not seen one of these events get out be a part of it sometime.

Speaking of  “events,”  I am excited to announce that I will be hosting my own beer festival this summer. Kyle’s Brew Fest is happening on Thursday, July 22nd, the day before the SCI Red Rocks shows, at Great Divide Brewing in Denver. It is a culmination of all that I have done over the last year and will combine my love of music, home brewing and great beer. We will be hosting 8 to10 different breweries from around the country. Each will bring its unique tastes to this festival. Hoppingsworth IPA will be back on tap as well as some other treats. The ticket will include beer, food, cool pint glasses, and a set from my band, KHB. And with all the proceeds benefiting Conscious Alliance, it’s a great way to give to a good cause and enjoy a summer night with a cold brew. see you out there!



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  1. Justin Torres Avatar
    Justin Torres

    Man I wish I was going…I saw KHB last summer at ZOE…you guys were awesome…no Darth Vader Impressions though, I know you remember Kyle….J/K But I am pumped for Hornings and Hampton this year…Thanks so much for making my summer again….

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