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Ready For Spring

My life is not that exciting. I change diapers, walk the dog, work on the house, make dinners and build a snowman on occasion. Nothing too glamorous here and I’m cool with that.

But I did venture out of the house the other day. I went to see the Furthur show at First Bank Center. Very cool indeed. I enjoy Jeff Chimenti’s playing a great deal, he has great feel and always has creative ideas. The band sounded tight and rehearsed although it was not one of my favorite setlists. Bobby and Phil seem to be on top of their game, and, of course, “the others” in the band really honored the music. The venue is awesome, it’s a big open-seating arena with great views everywhere. I hope SCI can get in there someday and rock it.

The night before that, I played with Keith and some friends at an impromptu show in Nederland.  It’s nice to play with him again, we can read each other very well, so the music seemed to flow pretty effortlessly.  It was a super small room so the energy was right up in your face.

I imagine it’s going to be the same vibe this weekend. I am heading up to the mountains with my band to do some shows. The venues in the hills have such a different feeling than the “lowlands” clubs – very laid back in some sense, but also ready to rage at any moment. It must have something to do with the living-on-the-edge skiing attitude that everyone adopts up there.

I’m also getting ready for a big summer.  SCI starts rehearsal in a bit and I’m pumped to rock the shows we have lined up. And hopefully KHB will play some festivals as well in the down time. I’m ready for spring and warmer weather, this winter is getting a little bit long.

See you out there,

Also, I just posted one of my favorite shows from the last tour on It’s from T he 8×10 in Baltimore (my hometown). I also got my buddies up from one of my first bands, Black Friday, to play a couple tunes with me. Download it for FREE here.


2 responses to “Ready For Spring”

  1. Jake Perlmuter Avatar
    Jake Perlmuter

    hey i wanted to know if you guys had a soundboard of your march 13 show at the eldo. I was a huge dance party. We all got down so hard. Keep it up and have some fun Thanks

  2. Its going to be a fun summer Kyle 🙂
    Cheesus Saves,

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