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Together Again

Ohhh… Now I get it.

So I did a special “sound check” show with SCI last night. It was a trip to look across the stage and see the whole band back together again. It felt pretty natural, almost like we had never taken a break. The show was a blast and it was a good warm up for Rothbury.

It is amazing how we can practice for weeks at a time in a small cramped space and still not fully understand it until we are in playing in front of a crowd. It is all about the community and the scene and I am so thankful to have such a great gathering of folks. It has became clear to me how much this means to people. Musically it is fun and rocking, but in a way it is all about the friend next to you who is dancing their ass off.

I do believe that “this must be the place.”

Also, it was awesome to see so many people wearing the stickers for my new disc. You Rock! I am looking forward to getting the disc out this fall so you all can hear it.See you soon,

p.s. I made a short video of my day at the Ogden. It has some footage of pre-show stuff as well as live performance shots.


15 responses to “Together Again”

  1. ben wilson Avatar
    ben wilson

    kyle thanks last night was amazing. i feel recharged! can we do it back around here again soon. winter carny 10??? thank you i love you guys

  2. Thanks for the video. 1 week away, cant wait!!!!

  3. That was awesome, think you could do that for Rothbury?

  4. Matty the Monkey (Blue) Avatar
    Matty the Monkey (Blue)

    Thanks for sharing Kyle! I missed you guys, glad you are back!

  5. Way to go on the video Kyle and thanks for such a fantastic show… I’m looking forward to so much more! You are absolutely right about the LOVE and life celebration that you all bring together! Thanks and great to have you all back! Whole lotta LOVE!

    These might help you out…

  6. duramatters Avatar

    Thanks Kyle!!!! Can’t wait for Rothbury!!!

  7. Love it! That video was awesome. Miss you all!

  8. Mark Adams Avatar
    Mark Adams

    Hello Kyle,
    Thanks for the little video blurb I just watched off of Jambase. I really miss you guys and can’t believe you chose Rothbury for your show this year. My entire family lives in northern Michigan and I had planned on going back to see them in July anyways this year. Have a couple old friends back there that I’m hoping to talk into coming to see you guys since they’ve been deprived of all of the fun that I’ve had with you, from the Truckee River Ampitheater (lived right next door to that place when you played there and loved your music right off the bat) in the mid 90’s all the way until Sea of Dreams and the Greek towards the end.
    Your music is beautiful and I can’t wait to see and hear you.
    Mark Adams
    SF, CA
    It’s Friday and tonight I’m going to see David Byrne at the Greek . Should they play “Crosseyed and Painless” I’ll dance extra hard for you since you guys are also my favorite Talking Heads cover band. “lost my shape, trying to act casual…”

  9. Jay Whitmeyer Avatar
    Jay Whitmeyer

    God ! I miss you guys and family so much . You must get back and get together for all of us !! It’s just too much fun !!

    Peace , Jay

  10. jerzeetomato Avatar

    Can’t wait for you guys to make back to NYC….in the meantime, thanks for the blogovision.

    I hope you guys play Tride bluegrass next year!

  11. Laurel Avatar

    Thanks for bringin the love on Wednesday, it was sheer bliss. Nice video but please don’t give up your musical career for photography just yet:)

  12. I became a big fan of SCI only recently. I day dream about shows. I hope to have the chance!

  13. You guys changed lives. We can only hope this reunion is enough to sway the boys (in SCI) back into they’re proper state of mind. Please come back and share the magic with the World again.

    Vegas most especially misses you guys,

  14. Awesome video and bummed I couldn’t be there. Are you interested in providing lessons to an adult when you’re not touring?

  15. Kayla Avatar

    It is the place, Kyle! (ps my son sings the SCI version of that word for word, I love it)

    These blogs leave me huge hope that one day soon the family will all be together again. And some of the best people I’ll ever meet will be dancing alongside me. 🙂

    Thanks so much.

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