June 25, 2009

Together Again

Ohhh… Now I get it.

So I did a special “sound check” show with SCI last night. It was a trip to look across the stage and see the whole band back together again. It felt pretty natural, almost like we had never taken a break. The show was a blast and it was a good warm up for Rothbury.

It is amazing how we can practice for weeks at a time in a small cramped space and still not fully understand it until we are in playing in front of a crowd. It is all about the community and the scene and I am so thankful to have such a great gathering of folks. It has became clear to me how much this means to people. Musically it is fun and rocking, but in a way it is all about the friend next to you who is dancing their ass off.

I do believe that “this must be the place.”

Also, it was awesome to see so many people wearing the stickers for my new disc. You Rock! I am looking forward to getting the disc out this fall so you all can hear it.See you soon,

p.s. I made a short video of my day at the Ogden. It has some footage of pre-show stuff as well as live performance shots.