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Wow…holy sh*t

I had so much fun at Rothbury last weekend. From frisbee golf on a real golf course, getting back with the boys again and rocking out, to getting lost in Sherwood Forest, this was one special event.

The vibe on stage was amazing and it felt so good to be in the groove again, it was exhilarating. I look forward to doing it again…

I did a short video of my “Day in the Life” at Rothbury. Check it out…



17 responses to “ROTHBURY”

  1. kevin Avatar

    very cool

  2. Wish I was there. My nephew Donnie Gardner saw you all for the first time and thought it was the best show he’d ever seen!

  3. I loved it. Great post Kyle.

  4. Lindsay Avatar

    Kyle ~ You are too awesome, my friend!!!! I had so much fun at Rothbury!! You and String Cheese are so amazing and beautiful!!! I can’t wait to see you again!!! (Hornings!!)
    Love & Sparkles!

  5. Dustin Avatar

    Super Sweet Kyle!!

  6. Tim Wilkins Avatar
    Tim Wilkins

    Rothbury was indeed a blast. The festival really kicked ass but the true reason I drove half way across the country was to see String Cheese. Turns out, after talking to many of my neighbors in the campground, many others showed up for the same reason. I understand and respect why the break was needed. I’m glad you boys understand that even in hard times you are still family. Space apart is essential at times but in the end Family matters most. The music of SCI has helped improve my quality of life as well as many others. Thank you truely from the deepest part of my being for doing what you do. Everything grows, changes and evolves just like your music. Embrace it with loving nurture. The jellyfish is an amazing creature, living millions of years outliving most. So simply, it has accomplished this feat by “going with the flow” of the environment that encompasses its surroundings.
    See you boys on the road! 🙂

  7. That really rocked man. Thanks for making it! Rothbury was a special event. Check out some of my youtube stuff…

  8. Beatles song + Rothbury = a winning tribute. Thanks for this!

  9. Jesse McMahan Avatar
    Jesse McMahan

    Where to begin… Last years Roth I thought was gonna be damn near impossible to beat.. but HOLY SH*T! I actually had the BEST time of my entire life at this years festival! The SCI show was honestly the greatest part of it all, totally mind-blowing.

    I had the privilege of meeting you backstage during Keller’s set, even though I was crazy star-struck and had no idea what to say besides my name heh. That’s the moment I knew, for sure, the weekend was to be an “incident”. You mentioned how perfect the sky was that day and how it was almost “Simpsons” like, haha.
    Well, All I can say is thank you, for such an UNFORGETTABLE weekend.

    I even got to meet Bill Nershi, Jason Hahn, and Jack (?) later on during the weekend. Wow.. It’s still hard to believe.. Long time fan, first time meeting! Thanks again for such an awesome time, and truly unforgettable memory’s!

  10. Kyle, so good to see the Boulder boys back. Loved the reenactment of the song (esp. the scene w/ Billy). Thanks!

  11. misdemeanormaggie Avatar

    This is amazing. Thanks for the link man– glad to see your experience was a lot like mine– PERFECT! That little girl in the fairy costume is actually me. How weird that you captured me on video! Your blog is badass– will definitely have to follow..

    PS I am putting your video on my page– its a perfect video summary of Rothbury for me (if only you captured the big black dudes selling baby turtles and thongs)


  12. steve simon Avatar
    steve simon

    Kyle, good to see you and Tania at Rothbury, i had a freaking blast. love this video, very cool! glad we hooked you up with Teddy at Facebook too. Best, Steve Simon

  13. Kim Brendel Avatar
    Kim Brendel

    Hi Kyle,
    I’m not sure how to even leave a comment…but I am seriously jealous of everyone who attended this event! It sounds like it was awesome. Think you could put another event together for Baltimore? Your fans can be jealous of me, though, I was lucky to enough grow up with you!
    Love you, kim

  14. That is hilarious.

    Way to go, Kyle.

  15. Kyle, I loved your video about Rothbury, I have a ton of HDR photos from my experience there this year and last year at and will be posting more. Glad String Cheese Incident could make it this year, there was HUGE excitement about the performance.

  16. yep, that sums up rothbury nicely! thanks kyle!!

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