May 25, 2009

Caught in the Web and Readying for Rothbury

What the hell; I recently joined some random cult called Facebook. That is some crazy stuff. The second I joined, I was reintroduced to all the people I went to high school with. While this was interesting and slightly amusing it was a bit strange that I was having contact with people that I knew when I was going through puberty. That was a weird time in my life. I remember playing in my first few bands and covering 80s hits like “Melt With You,” “Sunday Bloody Sunday,” and “Wang Chung.” Thank god those days are over.

So just 6 short weeks away until Rothbury. I’m looking forward to being on site and getting a chance to check out the scene. I was in and out so fast last summer that I missed most of the cool stuff.

Unfortunately it has been decided that my solo band will not be playing Rothbury this year. What a bummer! I was so looking forward to doing some new music and test-driving the new band, but String Cheese starts rehearsals next week and I’m psyched to be hanging with the SCI family again.

What will we say to each other after 2 years? Will we still groove and sync together as a band? And how does “Black Clouds” go again? And what key is “Lands End” in?
But it always works out. I will try to post some videos of rehearsals and such.

Later, Kyle