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Beer and New Music

3 am

Staring at the ceiling. Trying to process all the day’s events. Why does this always happen in the middle on the night? It is not like I am going to solve any of the problems sensibly at this early hour, but once my mind gets going it is hard to stop it. So this could be a great time to start another blog!

So it has been an interesting few weeks. I just finished a sold out show at the Boulder Theater. It was a benefit show that hosted microbreweries from around the state. Lots of killer beer. Lots of people enjoying themselves. I personally dug the chance to taste all the flavors the brewers had to offer. It is good to know that Colorado is making some great beers.

I do some home brewing myself and it always comes out very marginally ok. In fact I brought some of my beer down to a gig the other day and passed it out. I found that most people were unpleasantly surprised by its non-bold taste and its lack of rich flavors and aroma. They said “stick to playing keyboards,” but I say, “hey it tastes better than Busch, it’s cheaper, plus I make it at home.” But needless to say, I do admire the craftsmanship and art that goes into the process.

The music at the show was a lot of fun. I put together a big band with horns, backing singers and percussion. It was a great forum to try out all my new material from my upcoming new cd release Then There’s Now. The tunes on the this disc are more vocal oriented, a bit different than my last solo disc which was purely instrumental, but it’s super funky and has lots deep sonic layers. I will be posting some tunes shortly on my website and myspace. The release is slated for early September.


2 responses to “Beer and New Music”

  1. anything tastes better than busch!

  2. Sounds great! Wish I could have been there.

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