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Bill & Jilian Nershi

Bill & Jilian Nershi

Folk / Bluegrass
Bill Nershi

The blend of Bill & Jilian Nershi’s harmonies and driving acoustic guitar immediately draw in the listener. An inspired journey through different styles and influences, a throwback to the roots of American music, the Nershis have a relaxed way of connecting with the audience through the stories in their songs. Constantly finding ways to make the music sound complete as a duo, unique arrangements and a deep catalogue of original songs highlight the couple’s dedication to their craft.

The couple met back in 1990 when Jilian was a performer during Bill’s open mic night at the Floradora Saloon in Telluride, Colorado. In the 30 years since, Bill has gone from the front bench of the Floradora Saloon, to Colorado’s premier outdoor venue, Red Rocks Amphitheater, with his band The String Cheese Incident. The Nershis have continued to write songs together, several of which have been recorded by The String Cheese Incident and become staples in the band’s live performances. Jilian was featured on SCI’s album Beautiful on the song “Down A River” that she and Bill created.

In 2004, Bill and Jilian formed the band Honkytonk Homeslice with friend and guitar virtuoso Scott Law. The group hosted festivals in Colorado and Costa Rica, plus ski events in Utah and Wyoming, while touring nationally and internationally swearing, “if it ain’t fun, we ain’t doing it.” The Nershis also created a recording studio, “The Sleeping Giant,” outside of Nederland, Colorado, where they recorded the self-titled Honkytonk Homeslice album as well as Just Passin’ Thru, featuring the title track co-written with John Perry Barlow, of Grateful Dead fame, who was a guest at the studio. “We had a great time hanging out with John. We really hit it off as a writing team.”

All the while, the couple has played many private and public events bringing awareness to educational and musical causes such as Take Note Colorado. The two have also become proud ambassadors for the international music program Innovative Giving Enhancement, where they enjoy creating music, the universal language, with friends old and new.

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Kyle Hollingsworth Band

Kyle Hollingsworth Band

Singer-Songwriter / Pop / Funk / Rock
Kyle Hollingsworth

In the 30 years acclaimed keyboardist Kyle Hollingsworth of jam band legends The String Cheese Incident has been a musician, he’s explored virtually every genre imaginable, creating some previously unimaginable style blends in the process; become a craft beer brewer; established a respected solo career; married and become a father of two; and has immersed himself in the world of music production. On August 19th, Kyle releases his third solo album; it celebrates all the facets of his personal and musical journey. Fittingly, he calls it SPEED OF LIFE.

For over twenty years, Kyle Hollingsworth has been an integral member of The String Cheese Incident, contributing songs and helping the group boldly venture to the fringes of rock, bluegrass, Afro-beat, funk, classical, jazz, Latin, and psychedelic. His SCI songwriting contributions have been distinguished by his strong sense of pop composition and his dedication to musical expression. In this respect, SPEED OF LIFE offers plenty of classic Kyle, it’s uplifting and grooving, but it embraces fascinating EDM touches, vintage funk, and some shades of 1980s new wavy synthpop. In addition, lyrically it’s his most personal and autobiographical work, finding him warm and reflective, assessing his life so far and its many varied blessings. It’s a festive occasion, and to get the party started, three tracks have been designated as “Hop Tracks” and thoughtfully paired with a craft beer to enhance enjoyment.

“With this new album, I was trying to explore some traditional funk elements as well as pop sensibilities,” Kyle explains. “I reached back to my earlier influences and mixed in some newer sounds and sonic flavors. The end result is an amalgamation of old school ‘Kyle’ with a modern sound. The songs speak to my life as a father, musician, brewer and producer. It speaks to my ‘speed of life.’”

Despite the album reflecting such refreshingly diverse musical and lyrical inspirations, SPEED OF LIFE exhibits cohesion and assuredness. The album opens with “Racer X,” a euphoric, 1970s-vibing car chase funk track that Kyle wrote as a teenager and rediscovered digging through old four-track tapes. The balmy “Here We Go” conjures percolating Juju music grooves, Crescent City funk, a pinch of sublime Paul Simon, and soaring pop all the while inventorying the hustle and bustle of the life of a full-calendar musician who’s dedicated to being a good father and husband. And the reflective “Happening Now” is pure new wave bliss, calling to mind 1980s Cars and Thomas Dolby synthpop.

Another facet of Kyle’s expression has been album production. In addition to producing all his three solo albums (including SPEED OF LIFE), he recently produced a critically acclaimed album by the funk and reggae band Eufórquestra. “I enjoy great studio albums, the recording process is just as a important to me as playing live,” he says. Kyle made the sessions for SPEED OF LIFE, a festive homecoming of sorts and gathered many great artists and friends to contribute to the record, including Dave Watts (drums – The Motet), Garrett Sayers (bass – The Motet), Dan Schwindt (guitar), Jason Hann (percussion – The String Cheese Incident), Michael Kang (guitar – The String Cheese Incident), Dominic Lalli (saxophone – Big Gigantic), Bonnie Paine (vocals – Elephant Revival), Gabriel Mervine (trumpet – The Motet), Matt Pitts (saxophone – The Motet), Kim Dawson (vocals – The Motet), and LaDamion Massey (vocals).

“This album is how I feel right now, watching things zip by,” Kyle says, reflecting back. “I want to be present to enjoy every moment because I am excited about the speed of my life.”

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Dubstep / Electronic / House
Michael Travis / Jason Hann

As electronic influences continue to penetrate the live rock, jazz, and jam ethos, one band consistently rises to the top, bringing together fans from across the musical spectrum.  EOTO crisscrosses the country blowing out basement dives, packed theaters, and stages under the stars.  This 100% improvised dubstep/breakbeat/house/drum & bass/trip-hop duo is the premier late-night party in the country.

Throbbing bass and thudding beats are the signatures of this project from drummers Michael Travis and Jason Hann.  Born out of their shared love of electronic dance music, EOTO’s M.O. is to take the free-wheeling party vibe of a DJ set to the next level by using organic instruments, innovative performance technology, and uncharted musical exploration.  Live drums, guitars, and keys, and vocals are mixed, remixed, and sampled on the fly using cutting-edge programs.  This is all done without a script, and without a net.

Hann plays a hyper EQ’d drumkit, chock full of multi-touch screens and MIDI controllers, and throws a number of effects on his otherworldly vocal styles.  Travis takes on subsonic frequencies, generating the band’s crushing low end with analog, digital, and software synthesizers, occasionally picking up guitar or a bass guitar and showing off his proficiency with instruments of all shapes and sizes.

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The Contribution

The Contribution

Americana / Rock
Keith Moseley

The idea of The Contribution came to Tim Carbone (Railroad Earth) and Jeff Miller (New Monsoon) at The String Cheese Incident’s festival at Horning’s Hideout outside of Portland, OR in 2005. The two had collaborated on stage many times, creating sparks on both coasts and many points in between. Phil Ferlino (New Monsoon) was asked to add his unique sense of melody and keyboard expertise. The three musicians embarked on a journey of songwriting and a true collaborative effort was born. Over the course of thirty days stretched out over four years the songs came to life. When it came time to record the songs it was decided to ask Keith Moseley and Jason Hann from The String Cheese Incident to be the rhythm section, a stroke of genius, because what Keith and Jason brought to the table turned out to be extraordinary! In fourteen days time these five friends became a band and the fruits of their labor is the album, Which Way World.

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Our Future Now

Our Future Now

Environment / Awareness / Art
Michael Kang

Our Future Now is an organization that was co-founded by Michael Kang in the beginning of 2007. The organizations mission is to inspire environmental and social awareness through a combination of art, science and technology.


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