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Will They Make Us Illegal?

New music from the SCI Sound Lab! Michael Travis’ politically-charged “Illegal” has been released as a single. Check it out on your favorite music streaming service and listen to Trav explain his inspiration on the song below, as told to Relix:

“The initial idea for the song ‘Illegal’ came from the chorus: “Will they make us illegal?” It often seems that there is a dark force trying to round everyone into submission in so many ways and disguises to keep us inline to be good workers for the system. The verses describe different ways in which that is happening. The first verse is about crushing the weed enthusiasts and psychonauts. The second verse is about crushing poor working class people by keeping wages so low that disaster is a paycheck away. And the third verse, the incredibly effective: burying everybody in a pharma daze so you won’t notice as our freedoms slip away. And finally, when we try to show dissent by marching and protesting, the line of soldiers shut it down. But with a bit of hope of that hey someday realize “we’re all one in the end!” – Travis



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