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The String Cheese Incident iTunes Essentials is here!



The iTunes music store has just launched the Artist Essentials Playlist for The String Cheese Incident! The editorial team at iTunes selected forty-five classic tracks to build this playlist as an entry point for music fans who are unfamiliar with the complete SCI catalog, and are unsure where to begin.  From the iTunes stores:

The greatest songs, the greatest artists, fanatically handpicked to let you discover a legacy, explore a genre, or set a mood.  iTunes Essentials – the best place to find your next favorite song.

SCI iTunes Essentials ArtAs usual, Essentials’ tracks are broken up into three separate playlists – The Basics, Next Steps and Deep Cuts – which can be purchased separately or as a Complete Set. You can also buy the individual songs if you’re just looking for a few key tracks to complete your collection. This description from the iTunes store gives a pretty good idea of what you can expect when you dig into the SCI Artist Essentials:

Boulder, CO jam gods the String Cheese Incident started out playing in return for ski passes, but evolved into a band capable of transmitting their vibe a long way beyond Colorado’s snow-dusted slopes. Sometimes they sound like a bunch of backwoods firebrands riffing on musical roots with boundless skill and a healthy respect for bluegrass tradition; other times they boldly explore uncharted sonic territory, weaving in disparate elements (including calypso, reggae and jass) as if possessed by an unpredictably mischievous spirit: hence the dark atmospherics of “Sirens” (with its almost surreal punctuation of sun-kissed reggae), side-by-side with the mountain harmonies of “Restless Wind.”

Check out the SCI Artist Essentials on iTunes today!


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