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“Gone Crooked” from the SCI Sound Lab!

We are pleased to release the latest single from the SCI Sound Lab! Check out the Keith Moseley led “Gone Crooked” on your favorite music streaming service! Moose explains the songwriting process below:

“Gone Crooked” is a fun little song penned in Nashville with my new pals Rayland Baxter and Nick Bockrath. After listening to a few of the rough mixes from Rayland’s new album “Wide Awake,” I was all in on working with him. That album has become one of my favorite releases of the year. Nick plays guitar on Rayland’s record, and I am also a fan of his work with Cage the Elephant.

The writing process with Rayland was fun and exciting. He is quick and witty, a keen observer of the human condition. The first time I met him, he apologized for being late and explained that he couldn’t get in the front door of the studio and had to come around back. Within a few minutes, our guitars and notebooks were out and the first notes were taking shape. Rayland sang a line about the front door, we started to fire lyrics back and forth, and that’s how “Gone Crooked” came to life.

Upon returning to the SCI Lab and listening to the rough demo, we decided to give the song a real minimalist treatment. The track is mostly just me on vocals and upright bass, Kang on resonator guitar, Kyle on piano, and Jason on the cardboard box (cajón). Our sound engineer Dros did a great job with the production and mixing and I feel like the track has a great vibe. We hope you enjoy it!” – Keith Moseley



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