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This week marks the 30th installment of our Friday Night Cheese Series! For our final of the weekly broadcasts, we dial the time capsule back to October 16, 1999 for our Incident at Magnolia Fest @ Spirit of Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, Florida. This was our first of many former (and future) visits to the SOSMP, and it’s a real special one! In 1999, we played 6 shows with bluegrass legend & musical influence Peter Rowan, and this is the last of them. Captured on incredible one-camera footage by our friend Joe Newton, this show was originally circulating on VCD format. We tracked down Joe and he graciously gave us the original tapes so we could do a fresh transfer for this week’s FNC broadcast.

This is the OLDEST of all our Friday Night Cheese broadcasts, and it really captures the band in a time period that many of you never got to see. We know you’ll really enjoy this blast from the past! Tune in tonight at 8pm ET for Friday Night Cheese!



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