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Aged Cheese: SCI’s Very First Cassette Tape Now Available for Download!


2014 marks The String Cheese Incident’s 20th anniversary as a band. In honor of the occasion, we wanted to showcase one of the earliest SCI recordings we could find. Back in 1995, Cheese recorded a compilation album on cassette tape, and spread it amongst the community. Now, the newly named “Aged Cheese” album can be yours (sorry, digitally only… do you still even use cassette tapes?). This old school album features early recordings of 14 classic SCI songs like “Lester Had a Coconut”, “Jellyfish”, “Little Hands” and more!

Aged Cheese is now available for download on LiveCheese and iTunesIf you went to any of the NYE shows, this compilation is available for free by entering your ticket stub’s barcode HERE.


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