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2019 Travelogue – FREE DOWNLOAD!

Our 25th year as a band was one for the ages! 54 Incidents. 16 different states (plus Jamaica). Hundreds of songs. Countless amazing moments! Today we are pleased to present Travelogue 2019, a handpicked live compilation by SCI Archivist Larry Fox! Enjoy over 4.5 hours of high-quality recordings, available for free download on and streaming on & Spotify!


“In putting together this year’s look-back, I tried to pull together some of the more unique moments from this year’s Incidents. This is not so much a “best-of”, but a “taste” of all the corners of the musical spectrum that the band touches on from night to night. There were a ton of tunes that didn’t fit on the four-disc format. There’s a heavy dose of “one-time-played”, as well as a few key “guest artist contributions”. I encourage you to explore the rest of the 2019 catalog on LiveCheese & If you haven’t already signed up for the streaming app, you owe it to yourself to try it out! Every show on this site is available for streaming – a miracle of modern technology!
As I say every year, I hope you enjoy listening to this collection as much as I enjoyed putting it together! Hope to see you out on the road in 2020!”

– Larry Fox (SCI Archivist)


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