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15 Years of “On The Road”

On April 4th, SCI & SCI Fidelity Records celebrate 15 YEARS of the “On The Road” live recording project. started with CDs, and eventually offered FLAC and MP3 downloads of nearly every SCI show since 2002. There’s been a lot of great music in the OTR series, so we’ve started listening back to each show to come up with a 15-year retrospective compilation! (stay tuned)
In the meantime, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mark the 15th anniversary in some small way. Between now and April 4th, we’ve got a special $15 three-show package deal on the MP3 downloads of the first ever shows in the “OTR Era”. Recorded April 4-5-6 at Waterloo Park in Austin, TX, these 2002 Incidents marked the start of the series that’s still going strong. While many of you already have these shows in your collection, we’re sure there’s a bunch of our newer fans that may not have these. Step into the time capsule and hear what 2002 Cheese sounded like! Remember, this is a limited time offer – now through April 4th!


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