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Toll Roads and Tropical Storms

Damn…seriously what is the deal with all the toll roads back east? I had forgotten about that.  And it is not like the roads are in great shape either. One would think with all that money it would be a lot smoother traveling out here. But the good news is we bypassed all the weather from Tropical Storm Ida. It has just been a bit cloudy and we are looking forward to the warm and sunny South.

We have been traveling with a band called Revision. I have really been digging their sound. Super cool guys! Next week we head out with Ryan Montbleau Band. I have heard great things about them as well. Nice to see other bands out here working it.

I feel fortunate to be able to play music for a living, but it can be pretty brutal. Long drives, bad food and loading organs up two flights of stairs can wear on you. Sometimes I feel like it’s us against the world, I’m definitely paying my dues all over again. I will be psyched to get back with the SCI boys again and get some help with all my gear (ha!).

See ya out there.


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