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HOP ON TOUR: Homeward Bound

Greetings from the road – Day 6:

What the hell. This is great!! So much fun. The band is feeling solid and we are really connecting on so many levels. This is what music is about. Also, it’s been super exciting to walk out onto stage and feel the appreciation from the fans every night. It’s good to see that the fans are as pumped as we are to be back at it. Musically it has been a blast. We have been able to play through much of our wide repertoire. That’s the advantage of doing this many shows in a row. It permits us to dust-off some of the older stuff and breathe new life into them.

So we are heading to Baltimore on a long haul drive about 13 hours. And as I stare out the bus window and see my hometown come into view, it’s hard not to reminisce. I left here 18 years ago to become a forest ranger in Colorado. And although the ranger part didn’t pan out, it still turned out to be a good choice. It is amazing how some decisions can turn your life in a whole new direction.

But it is great to see my family again (all 7 of them) and get a chance to feel that sibling connection. But it does make for one hell of a guest list when I come back home.

I have gathered some photos and videos thus far. Check them out. See ya soon.


Fox Theatre – Atlanta
B3 organ repair needed already on the second show.
SweetWater Brewery: brewing for JamCruise
This is a cask-conditioned IPA with rum-soaked oak chips and mango extract. We were inspired by the vibe and setting of Jamruise.
Ryman Auditorium – Nashville
Best place to poop on tour.
Before the doors open at the Ryman.




Backstage rehearsal in Nashville.
Life on the road is a blur.


5 responses to “HOP ON TOUR: Homeward Bound”

  1. Kyle, I am so happy that you guys are back on the road and enjoying yourself again. I spent the best years of my life running around the country with you guys. From Wool Warehouses in the desert, to literal run in’s with the law in Flagstaff, to skiing in Whistler, Telluride, Durango, spending my birthday with you in Santa Cruz and even my 19th birthday in Vancouver and watching you grow to places like Red Rocks. There wasn’t much of the West Coast you didn’t take me to. Thank you for those years. Now, as I sit in my corporate job in my early 30’s with a 3 year old son, you were able to take me back to those years just this past weekend in Asheville and Atlanta. You guys sounded better than ever, thank you for helping me find the kid that is still within my soul. Cheers to many years to come.

  2. Glad to hear you guys are really enjoying yourself and are stoked to be back on the road. That is what it’s all about after all…

    Any chance you would post the lyrics to that new tune ‘Colliding’? Can’t quite make them all out after listening to the Hotlanta version.

    Keep tearing it up and exploring new musical landscapes…

  3. I so enjoy reading your in-the-scenes viewpoint, and the dueling mando video. It’s a treat to hear your thoughts and know you are having fun. So much fun for me to avidly await the latest setlists each day. I also am participating this tour via iClips, the official recordings, or the archive audience recordings. A happy warm feeling I get when I know you have a show this day, whether I’m there in person or just driving in my car listening to an older show. BTW, great melody/chords in Colliding–I imagine I can hear some of the Beatles Songbook inspirations you wrote about earlier, in those changes.

    You’ve broadened my musical ears in so many ways too–I enjoyed Herbie Hancock’s original Chameleon on the local jazz radio station yesterday, and to brought me back to the first time I heard you play it–Portland OR 2002. It was a “chameleon” alright–at the time I kept changing my guess about what song it I thought it was, because I didn’t really know. It was funky, funky, funky! Will you ever cover Cantaloupe Island? Or even Maiden Voyage? Hope you rip it up with a great big MLT, a Latinissmo, and a Pirates before tour is finished!

  4. I did not have the temerity to hope for a Blue Bossa. Thanks for bringing it at New York!

  5. Very nice to hear your view on the tour and it all! So happy to hear you guys are having just as much fun as your fans. The love is so abundant at the shows…i can’t get enough of it!! I’ve been to a dozen Incidents and will continue to go them as long as you guys keep truckin’. Some of the best times of my life, and the most life-changing moments, have happened at your shows and times in between them on those weekends. Thank you so much for doing what you do. Your creativity and willingness to evolve and grow inspires me in all parts of my life. It was a pleasure to get the chance meet and talk with you after the Atlanta show, Until next time–keep doing what you do, brother!

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