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Incident In Atlanta -11.17.00 Pre-Order Contest



SCI’s announces their brand new live archival series, Rhythm of the Road, highlighting many of the band’s most celebrated concerts with re-mastered limited edition releases. First in the installment: Rhythm of the Road: Volume 1, Incident in Atlanta – 11.17.00. Available just in time for the 10th anniversary of the epic show, Incident in Atlanta features the entire 11.17.00 performance from The Tabernacle.

Preview “Barstool” from Incident In Atlanta – 11.17.00:


Pre-Order Contest

Beginning on October 11, 2010, the first 500 people who order the limited edition 3-CD set of Incident In Atlanta – 11.17.00 through MusicToday will automatically be entered to win one of fifty (50) first prizes. Contest winners will receive an original show poster from the 2000 Georgia Incidents, signed by the Members of SCI!

Go here for more details and to pre-order your CD today!


Digital Download

Incident In Atlanta – 11.17.00 is also available for digital pre-order at in MP3, FLAC and, an SCI first, 24-bit FLAC download!

Go here to pre-order digitally


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