May 19, 2020


🌴 This week on Friday Night Cheese, we are pleased to present an “International Incident Double Feature”! This weekend marks the 20th Anniversary of our Costa Rica 2000 Incidents. First up, we’ve dusted off the VHS tape deck to webcast our “Pura Vida” concert film. The film includes interviews and background of the Costa Rica event, as well as classic concert footage.

After this blast from the past, we jump back to last year for the second half of our double-feature by presenting a unique one-camera shooting of the second set (++) of our 1/27/2019 Jamaican Incident. Our friend Keller Williams makes appearances in both offerings, and we think this will be a fun-filled evening mixing classic and new SCI goodness. Watch live on Friday @ 8pm ET at 🌈


We also have brand new SCI Facemasks available at SCI Gear! These stylish facemasks can help enhance your social distancing while also showing your love and support for the band. Pre-order yours now, with shipping expected sometime in early June!


NOTE: These are not medical masks and will not prevent COVID-19, seek CDC guidelines for proper use.