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Hey friends!!!! We’re all settled back from an incredible weekend at Electric Forest and wanted to take a moment to thank all the incredible people that made it all possible. We have been dreaming about how we were going to bottle up some of the magic from Horning’s Hideout and spread it to other parts of the country and we feel like Rothbury, MI has done just that; it’s become a second home to us in the Midwest! From the lightning storms, late night shenanigans in The Sherwood Forest,  our favorite DJ’s “bringing the whomp,”  or the “clusterpluck” during first set Sunday – there were so many highlights, it simply boggles the mind.  More than anything, we want to thank all of you for making the trek to spend your “interdependence day” weekend with us! We are working hard figuring out where are next Incidents are going to be, so stay tuned. We WILL see you soon! ~~ The band


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