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7/12/12 Flagstaff & 7/20/12 Horning’s Now Available on iTunes!

“Lets Go Outside”… That seemed to be the theme for The String Cheese Incident’s ‘Summer 2012’ tour. After a couple of years away from extended touring, the band set out this past July to hit some of their favorite outdoor venues – Electric Forest, Red Rocks, California’s Greek Theatres, and Horning’s Hideout. We’ve decided to feature two shows from this summer’s tour as official iTunes releases: the 7/12/2012 Flagstaff Incident, and the 7/20/2012 Horning’s Hideout Incident.


7/12/2012 Pepsi Amphitheater – Flagstaff, AZ

A note from Kyle on the Flagstaff show… 

Ahhh Flagstaff… an epicenter for spirituality and creative expression. A place where most anything can happen. And it did! 

I remember that show very well. I had just gotten back from a beautiful bike ride around the venue and Boogie, our guitar tech, said “so what are you going to play with Stanley Jordan tonight?”. I looked at him and sarcastically said, “Right, that will happen when Billy shaves his beard!”. But just then, Stanley walked out and introduced himself. It was at that point that I knew the gig was going to be a uniquely epic show.

 From the sound check jamming to show time performance, we all connected on many musical levels. Stanley played on numerous songs including “Impressions” and “The Bridge”, and we even got him to pick some bluegrass with us! The show was awesome but some of my favorite moments occurred backstage when we had a chance to listen and learn from this talented guitarist.

This was a very special show in a very special place, and is a testament to the power of converging forces that sometimes align to create a magical moment. – Kyle Hollingsworth


7/12/2012  – Flagstaff, AZ
Set 1: So Far From Home > Got What He Wanted > Boogie On Reggae Woman, Struggling Angel, Smile*, Bend Down Low > Boo Boo’s Pik-A-Nik, Let’s Go Outside
Set 2: Born On The Wrong Planet > Sittin’ On Top Of The World, Jellyfish* > Impressions*, Cats > Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues, BollyMunster > Desert Dawn
Encore: The Bridge*, Rollin’ In My Sweet Baby’s Arms* 
Guests: * with Stanley Jordan on guitar


7/20/2012 Horning’s Hideout – North Plains, OR

A note from SCI Archivist Larry Fox on Horning’s Night 1…

There really is no place like Horning’s Hideout. Those who’ve had the good fortune to attend a String Cheese Incident weekend there know what we mean. Returning to the woods in North Plains, Oregon for the eighth time, the attendees at this year’s event checked the real world at the top of the hill, and embarked on a magical four-day adventure of music and camping, topped off by three tour-closing Incidents by their favorite band.

Each night at Horning’s Hideout has a different feel to it. The first night was a straight-ahead energy-packed Incident. Night two was topped off by the “she-bang”, an over-the-top extravaganza which is something like New Year’s Eve, but even wilder. Night three is traditionally bluegrass night, which tends to bring the event to a close in old-school style. We’ve chosen the first night for iTunes release, mostly on the strength of the incredible second set which contained BIG versions of ‘Restless Wind’, ‘Land’s End’ and a unique non-stop jam that lasted over an hour. This night also featured Stanley Jordan, first, sitting in on “Freedom Jazz Dance” and then, returning for the encore to close out the second set jam with “This Must Be The Place > Restless Wind (reprise)”

We know you’ll enjoy both of these Incidents, and if you find yourself wanting to hear even more, check out the rest of the tour on LiveCheese.Com! – Larry Fox


7/20/2012 – Horning’s Hideout
Set 1: Outside and Inside > Can’t Stop Now, Yo Se, Water > Pack It Up, Hey Pocky Way$, Song In My Head > Best Feeling it > Let’s Go Outside
Set 2: Shantytown > Howard, Freedom Jazz Dance*, Restless Wind > Land’s End Can’t Wait Another Day > Drums > Magic Carpet Ride > Glory Chords > Rosie
Encore: This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)* > Restless Wind* 
Guests: $ with Dumpstaphunk // * with Stanley Jordan




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