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Caught in the Web and Readying for Rothbury

What the hell; I recently joined some random cult called Facebook. That is some crazy stuff. The second I joined, I was reintroduced to all the people I went to high school with. While this was interesting and slightly amusing it was a bit strange that I was having contact with people that I knew when I was going through puberty. That was a weird time in my life. I remember playing in my first few bands and covering 80s hits like “Melt With You,” “Sunday Bloody Sunday,” and “Wang Chung.” Thank god those days are over.

So just 6 short weeks away until Rothbury. I’m looking forward to being on site and getting a chance to check out the scene. I was in and out so fast last summer that I missed most of the cool stuff.

Unfortunately it has been decided that my solo band will not be playing Rothbury this year. What a bummer! I was so looking forward to doing some new music and test-driving the new band, but String Cheese starts rehearsals next week and I’m psyched to be hanging with the SCI family again.

What will we say to each other after 2 years? Will we still groove and sync together as a band? And how does “Black Clouds” go again? And what key is “Lands End” in?
But it always works out. I will try to post some videos of rehearsals and such.

Later, Kyle


14 responses to “Caught in the Web and Readying for Rothbury”

  1. Can’t wait! Please post rehearsals vids!

  2. So awesome!!! I’m glad to be your facebook friend.

  3. Tres Wright Avatar
    Tres Wright

    Thanks for keeping us posted, Im excited Incidents are coming.

  4. STOKED! videos would be amazing!

  5. ben wilson Avatar
    ben wilson

    awesome kyle hope another public rehearsal is in the works as well? look forward to videos

  6. ” I was in and out so fast last summer that I missed most of the cool stuff.”

    Me, too. In about five hours. See you there! Can I come on the helicopter picnic?

  7. el incidente del queso Avatar
    el incidente del queso

    I cannot wait till Rothbury

  8. FightTheory Avatar

    Couldn’t be happier you guys are getting back together for a show!

    “I didn’t forget the lyrics, I’m just taking my time”
    Got What He Wanted – 7/5/03

  9. Mike Snider Avatar
    Mike Snider

    Hey- my old friend, hope all is well.

    Wang Chung?… awesome

  10. ben wilson Avatar
    ben wilson

    can i get an ogden invite to reinvigorate my soul????

  11. Matt A Avatar
    Matt A

    Coming all the way out there with the Colorado Flags up!!! Can’t wait to rock out with SCI!

  12. Have a grate time Kyle. Didn’t I read you just had a new baby? Our little guy is 9 months old now. He really loves to bop around to your music. Kyles Korner rocks. Who I Used To Be Is Still A Part Of Me!!! Peace Love Light

  13. Ogden sounds like a fun time, hope you lay down the Seventh Step. my kids favorite it seems.

  14. can i also trade my soul for an invite?

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