July 17, 2020

Bill & Jilian Nershi

Bill and Jilian Nershi have been playing their “date night” shows in Golden, Colorado, for over a
decade. They wanted to create an album that would capture the feeling of those Colorado
summer nights, the energy felt from the audience, while playing songs about the places they
love, their life and their love for one another. That album is partNERSHIp.

The blend of their harmonies and driving acoustic guitar immediately draw in the listener. An
inspired journey through different styles and influences, a throwback to the roots of American
music, the Nershis have a relaxed way of connecting with the audience through the stories in
their songs. Constantly finding ways to make the music sound complete as a duo, unique
arrangements and a deep catalogue of original songs highlight the couple’s dedication to their

The couple met back in 1990 when Jilian was a performer during Bill’s open mic night at the
Floradora Saloon in Telluride, Colorado. In the 30 years since, Bill has gone from the front bench
of the Floradora Saloon, to Colorado’s premier outdoor venue, Red Rocks Amphitheater, with
his band The String Cheese Incident. The Nershis have continued to write songs together,
several of which have been recorded by The String Cheese Incident and become staples in the
band’s live performances. Jilian was featured on SCI’s album Beautiful on the song “Down A
River” that she and Bill created.

In 2004, Bill and Jilian formed the band Honkytonk Homeslice with friend and guitar virtuoso
Scott Law. The group hosted festivals in Colorado and Costa Rica, plus ski events in Utah and
Wyoming, while touring nationally and internationally swearing, “if it ain’t fun, we ain’t doing
it.” The Nershis also created a recording studio, “The Sleeping Giant,” outside of Nederland,
Colorado, where they recorded the self-titled Honkytonk Homeslice album as well as Just
Passin’ Thru, featuring the title track co-written with John Perry Barlow, of Grateful Dead fame,
who was a guest at the studio. “We had a great time hanging out with John. We really hit it off
as a writing team.”

All the while, the couple has played many private and public events bringing awareness to
educational and musical causes such as Take Note Colorado. The two have also become proud
ambassadors for the international music program Innovative Giving Enhancement, where they
enjoy creating music, the universal language, with friends old and new.