- $20 each way, cash only.
- The shuttle will travel from Portland (near the Airport) to Horning's Hideout.

DEPARTURES: Thursday 8/1, 11:50am departure time.

PICKUP: Cascade Station along the MAX line. (Stop ID: 10575 MAX Red Line)

This MAX stop is the first stop after leaving the PDX airport, located at the south end of the Arrivals pickup roadway. There is a ticket machine which accepts cash and credit cards ($2.50) just inside the airport, near the southernmost baggage return. Please RSVP to the contact info below. Please be on time.

There are multiple stores and restaurants in the vicinity of Cascade Station. Depending on time and riders needs, the shuttle can make a quick (20 minute) stop at a grocery store. Old School PDX is a private for hire charter bus operating in the greater Portland area. All Private for hire passenger vehicles are at the mercy of local law enforcement. Old School PDX will and by law must allow local law enforcement to search the vehicle and its occupants for illegal substances if they desire to do so.

MONDAY DEPARTURES: 5am, 8am, & 11am. The shuttle will drop off at the departure gate within the
Portland International Airport.

RSVP to: [email protected]